Sunday, January 12, 2014

Web Designs

Charlotte HR Consulting Website
I created this responsive web design using a fluid grid layout in Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2014, using HTML5, CSS, Javascript and JQuery. This is a responsive design that will adjust to whatever device the viewer happens to be using whether a desktop, tablet or phone. 

Below is an image of the wireframe I created in Adobe Indesign.

WordPress Site

I created the below site using a theme I modified with widgets and custom CSS as needed. This is a responsive view-able on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones screens. 

Landing Page Created with Responsive Design

I created this HTML5 landing page using Adobe Dreamweaver CC. As a responsive design, this file links to CSS and javascript files with fluid image and layout code that automatically converts to whatever display size and browser visitors happen to be using. This includes smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

My Personal Website/Blog
The current design is a combination of two different templates. I modified the HTML code to display the slider images I had created in Photoshop and set the links and headings to the color scheme and layout I had in mind. I implemented CSS code where needed and posted forms that I created via a 3rd party source. Using a blog format allows me to make quick changes as needed from wherever I am located, even through my Blogger app on my cell phone.

Smart Start of Mecklenburg County's Website
Since Smart Start has a need for a password protected area on our site and significant security features with database filters, I bid out the service of our website development and hired CivicPlus to build our website in 2007. I contracted them again in 2013 to upgrade our site. It was my responsibility to provide the layout wireframes, copywriting and design concept with the kind of functionality we had in mind. I am able to create and code HTML pages, insert CSS code, and utilize modules to build and manage form creation, administration users, and other unique services. I maintain and update the entire website and do all the copywriting as well.

Hockey Template I created Using Dreamweaver CC
(Click on image below to preview a sample)

Adobe Edge Animate
(A motion graphic created using HTML5 and Javascript)

Other Website/Blog Designs

I designed Author Carrie Fancett Pagel's Blog.
She is using this site as a website rather than a blog to promote her writing and news updates.
(Click on the image to view actual site)