Sunday, January 12, 2014

Video Annual Reports

FY12-13 Video Annual Report for Smart Start
I used a combination of Adobe After Effects, Premiere and Photoshop to create this video. I took the concepts from the printed version of the Annual Report and converted them into motion graphics. Additionally, I wrote the scripts, provided the voice overs and selected the music.

FY11-12 Video Annual Report for Smart Start 
Other than Windows Movie Maker, I still did not have any video editing software at work, but I wanted to do something different from the previous year. I had just purchased Adobe After Effects on my home computer, but wasn't familiar with how to use it. So I purchased two After Effects templates, which proved to be great learning tools. I modified them using Adobe After Effects.

FY10-11 Video Annual Report for Smart Start 
This was the first video I created for Smart Start. I used Adobe Photoshop and Windows Movie Maker. At the time, I had no access to Adobe After Effects or Premiere or any other video editing software.