Thursday, January 9, 2014


In 2013, I created a new branded look for Smart Start. Since so many people have the misconception that we are a child care center, we wanted something that looked more business oriented, but still showed that we are about small children and family. Therefore, I decided to use the skyline of Charlotte with images and faces of children and families layered throughout the site.

When I arrived at Smart Start in 2006, the first thing I put on my agenda was to create a new website with better functionality and a uniformed branded look for the agency. 
This branding served us well for seven years. 

Smart Start Brochures

Book covers for our Funded Program booklet. 
These are updated annually. 

Printed Newsletter Designs
Now that we provide an e-newsletter, we only print one of these a year. 

Annual Report Covers

Presentation Pocket folder with business card inserts

Presentation Pocket folder with brochures