Technology Image Concept

A graphic design image created in Photoshop to represent the digital technology market and how it drives our economy.

Smart Start Branding Design (2007-2013)

I created this branded look for Smart Start's printed and online publications.

Smart Start's Branding (2013-2014)

This is the new branded look I've created for Smart Start in 2013. We are still converting publications.

3D Ray Text

Created as a 3D motion graphic for a video project.

3D Book Cover Designs

This image uses the shadow reflection effect.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Thank you for taking the time to review my digital portfolio. While is my author website to promote my books and connect with readers, this site is to showcase my digital creativity and talent to secure future employment and/or freelance and consulting opportunities. As you will discover, my nonprofit experience has required me to wear many hats in developing various skill assets in Marketing & Communications. 

For the past eight years I have been the sole marketing and outreach department for a $15 million nonprofit. This means I am the writer, editor, graphic designer, website developer, social media marketer, as well as the creator of our videos and motion graphics. I manage our outreach department from budgets, campaign promotions, coming up with concepts and theme designs, to helping with fundraising and advocacy events and am responsible for all printed and digital communications. I give presentations, speeches and set up display tables. I write our press releases, manage the email and mailing databases, work with outside vendors for printing, translation and other consulting needs. I create our email newsletters and advocacy alerts.

What do I enjoy most about my job? The ability to be creative! I love taking an idea or a concept and building it into a tangible product that people can see, hear and experience.

Video Portfolio (2014)

A video portfolio featuring a few of my graphic designs, motion graphics and web designs.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Jennifer's Resume Infographic (2014)

In Google Chrome
To make the infographic larger, click on the image below.
Right click and select Open Image in New Tab.
Then click the +magnifying glass.

Click on the image and select the zoom tool in the upper right corner.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Web Designs

Charlotte HR Consulting Website
I created this responsive web design using a fluid grid layout in Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2014, using HTML5, CSS, Javascript and JQuery. This is a responsive design that will adjust to whatever device the viewer happens to be using whether a desktop, tablet or phone. 

Below is an image of the wireframe I created in Adobe Indesign.

WordPress Site

I created the below site using a theme I modified with widgets and custom CSS as needed. This is a responsive view-able on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones screens. 

Landing Page Created with Responsive Design

I created this HTML5 landing page using Adobe Dreamweaver CC. As a responsive design, this file links to CSS and javascript files with fluid image and layout code that automatically converts to whatever display size and browser visitors happen to be using. This includes smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

My Personal Website/Blog
The current design is a combination of two different templates. I modified the HTML code to display the slider images I had created in Photoshop and set the links and headings to the color scheme and layout I had in mind. I implemented CSS code where needed and posted forms that I created via a 3rd party source. Using a blog format allows me to make quick changes as needed from wherever I am located, even through my Blogger app on my cell phone.

Smart Start of Mecklenburg County's Website
Since Smart Start has a need for a password protected area on our site and significant security features with database filters, I bid out the service of our website development and hired CivicPlus to build our website in 2007. I contracted them again in 2013 to upgrade our site. It was my responsibility to provide the layout wireframes, copywriting and design concept with the kind of functionality we had in mind. I am able to create and code HTML pages, insert CSS code, and utilize modules to build and manage form creation, administration users, and other unique services. I maintain and update the entire website and do all the copywriting as well.

Hockey Template I created Using Dreamweaver CC
(Click on image below to preview a sample)

Adobe Edge Animate
(A motion graphic created using HTML5 and Javascript)

Other Website/Blog Designs

I designed Author Carrie Fancett Pagel's Blog.
She is using this site as a website rather than a blog to promote her writing and news updates.
(Click on the image to view actual site)


I have been blogging for several years and below are links to some of the highlights.

Jennifer's Personal Blogs
Author Branding (5 posts)
Building a Platform (23 posts)
Digital Marketing (On-going)
Writing Tips (19 posts)

Hartline Literary Blog

Smart Start

Social Media

Social Media Sites I Established & Maintain
I use several tools to automate some of my social activity for myself and my clients. Some of these tools and apps include HootSuite, TweetAdder, Twitpic, Twubs, Twitterfeed, Tweepi, Commun It, Klout and

Author Jennifer Hudson Taylor
Twitter   Facebook   Google Plus   LinkedIn   Pinterest   YouTube

Smart Start of Mecklenburg County

I registered the hashtag #Toast4Tots on to increase Twitter promotion
for our Toast for Tots event.

Social Media Sites I Established 
I worked on these sites for the first 30 days to get them up and running and to establish a base of connections, followers and likes. Also, I created headers and backgrounds for a branded look. Since I do not maintain these pages, these social media sites may have been updated since I was contracted to work on them. Therefore, the images below will give you an idea of what my role was in their graphic design.   

Author Tamara Leigh
Twitter   Facebook   Google Plus   LinkedIn

Author Rita Schulte

Author Bonnie Doran
Twitter   Facebook   Google Plus   LinkedIn   Pinterest   YouTube

We had a Twitter Party for Bonnie and I registered the hashtag #DarkBiology on I also created the following image to promote the event.

Video Book Trailers

Awakened Redemption by Jennifer Hudson Taylor 
(2013) Created using Adobe Photoshop, After Effects & Premiere. 
No templates were used and all effects are my original creation with the exception of 
a few stock images and the fire footage. I purchased royalty free music and thunder sound.

For Love or Loyalty by Jennifer Hudson Taylor
(2013) Created using an After Effect Template that I modified as needed. 
Other images were a mixture of my own photos and stock using Adobe Photoshop. I contracted with a musician, Matthew Eldridge, to create customized music and sound effects. 

Path of Freedom by Jennifer Hudson Taylor
(2012) I used a combination of my photos and stock images and footage to create this video using Windows Movie Maker. I used Photoshop for some of the images. The music is royalty free stock.

Highland Sanctuary by Jennifer Hudson Taylor
(2011) I created this using a mixture of my photos and stock images in Windows Movie Maker. 
The music is royalty free stock. 

Highland Blessings by Jennifer Hudson Taylor
(2010)This was the first video I ever created. I used a combination of personal and stock images in Windows Movie Maker. The music is royalty free stock.